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The origin of iron impact


In Los Angeles, Lillian worked in Sales & Marketing for a company in West LA. Life was great until one day she was shocked and stirred by an incident where she found herself followed by a stranger. He followed her by car, and eventually followed her by foot. With quick-thinking, Lillian found safety with a nearby police officer who eventually discovered that the stranger had a pending case against him. The case was for more than just stalking. Needless to say, after a month of living in fear, she decided, “Enough.” And this was when her journey into self defense and fitness began. 



Lillian became a student of Alliance Culver City, the Headquarters of Krav Maga Alliance, in Spring of 2011.  She took her first class, felt nothing but empowered, and never looked back. She went full-speed ahead, and within the year, earned her Level 1 Instructor Certification. Soon after, she became the Director of Young Warriors Krav Maga, a program that taught kids ages 4-15 self defense, fitness, and character development. As Director and Chief Instructor, she developed curriculum, conducted testing, trained new instructors, as well as introduced the program to numerous schools within the Culver City, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills community.

Within five years, Lillian became a Senior Instructor as well as General Manager at Alliance Culver City. Outside of that, Lillian was the Mixed Martial Art Training Specialist at Google’s Los Angeles office, where she developed a training program for all of Google’s employees. She taught special events that included fitness and self defense training to groups from various industries – education, healthcare, law, construction, social work, entertainment, and much more. 


Some of her private clients include the CEO of WildCard Creative, Reformation, ASYSTEM, the Director of Sales at Smashbox, and actors such as David Faustino, Adam Sandler, The Newman Twins, as well as members from the television show, Agents of Shield.



Lillian moved to Knoxville, TN with the desire to build a home and future here. The heart to share self defense with others eleven years ago beats strong and true evermore today. With that said, Iron Impact Knoxville - Self Defense and Fitness was formed in the Summer of 2022.

We hold Krav Maga classes 3x/week, and as we continue to empower the community, our goals would be to broaden what we teach by adding kickboxing, mobility, and a kids’ program. 


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